What is Strava?

A combination of exercise app and social media platform, Strava is a fitness application that can track your exercise. Cyclist can track their rides via their smartphone, GPS watch or bike computer. They can also share their rides with other user and follow other users – not only friends but also professionals and athletes. Strava is a great tool to allow users to compare their performance an connect with other riders. 

How Can I Use Strava for Cycling

Strava has its own website and mobile app so you can set up your account on either your desktop or smartphone. You set it up by verifying your account via your email then Strava will take you through the process of syncing with phone contacts and Facebook friends. You can also search manually for other users. 

Once you’re done with this, the gearwheel symbol allows you to access the settings in the app, or you can just click on your profile if you’re using the website. Through your settings you can add your personal details, the bikes you’ll be using and link your outside accounts including the other fitness apps you use so you can sync your ride data more easily. You can only connect devices to Strava using the mobile application. If you don’t use tracking devices you can just add your rides manually by using the plus symbol you’ll see on the toolbar or add a phone mount to your bike and use your smartphone as a tracker by using its Record function. 

How Much is Strava Premium UK

Strava Summit is a subscription service which offers three separate packages that you can buy as an inclusive bundle or access individually. 

Individual packs cost £2.49 per month or £18.99 per year. This is ideal if you use only a few individual premium features and don’t need a full subscription. 

The all-inclusive package costs £6.99 per month or £47.99 per year and gives you access to everything that Strava Premium UK has to offer. 

How To Create Strava Segment

You can create a Strava segment to mark your route’s most interesting elements. A segment must have 3 things – a starting point, end point and a set of locations between. 

To create a segment, the data must exist already in one of your Strava activities as each segment is based on the data from the activity that it was originally created from. 

Start by viewing your chosen existing activity on Strava’s website. This data will then form the basis of your segment, affecting its matching and accuracy. Click on the ellipses (more) icon then select Create Segment. Once you are in the interface itself, you can choose your start and endpoints using the red and green sliders over the map. Drag them backwards and forwards to allow the map to update your start marker (green) and end marker (red).

Once you’ve chosen those two points, select Next and Strava will look to find out of there is a pre-existing similar segment. Select next and name your segment so it can be easily recognised. If you wish, you can make the segment private so only you can see it. 

What Is Strava On Fitbit?

Strava on Fitbit allows you to sync your rides from your Fitbit to your own Strava profile. You can then see your activity history and details on your device including your distance and leaderboard accomplishments. 

How To Sync Samsung Health To Strava 

An Android device user can uploaded the activities that they’ve recorded with their Samsung Health application to Strava and vice versa, but iOS users cannot yet do this. 

You can sync the two apps by selecting More, then Settings, then Connected Services from the Samsung Health app’s main screen. Once those accounts are both connected, Strava automatically sends data to the Samsung Health app including activity types, route information, calories, time and distance. If other third party apps have been connected to Strava, you’ll find that those activities are also synced with your Samsung Health app. 

All GPS-based activities you upload to the Samsung Health app, they’ll get synced to Strava. Although activities that don’t involve GPS data don’t sync to Strava, it’s possible to share that activity from Samsung Health so that a post is created on Strava giving an image of your stats for that activity.

Which Fitbit Works With Strava?

All GPS-connected Fitbit devices can work with Strava. The three best options, though, are the Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3 and Fitbit Charge 4 since they have inbuilt GPS. Nevertheless, the Fitbits that use Connected GPS via a smartphone (including the Fitbit Versa 2, Inspire HR and Inspire 2) still allow rides to be tracked and this data also goes to Strava.

How To Find And Create Routes on Strava

The Strava app has a very handy system in place to create routes. They can be created either from your PC or smartphone and can be edited for mileage, popularity and climbs and downloaded via GPX files to a cycle computer.

The term “route” is used in Strava to describe a ride that you’ve created in advance on the website or in the app. Routes can be shared with friends, so you can find them that way or you’re able to create a route for yourself. 

You can use Strava’s route mapping feature to create and use routes on the app or your computer. If you use the website, log in then choose Explore in the menu before clicking on Create A Route. If you’re using the app, tap on the Explore icon, then Explore Routes before selecting Draw Your Own Route.

Select the right options for you such as whether you want to follow a direct or popular route and which surface type you prefer. Next, choose the starting point and waypoints along the way. While you do this, you’ll notice key metrics appearing on the screen including elevation loss and gain, distance and estimated moving time. Once your design is finished, name it, add your description and choose whether it’ll be a private or public route.

You’ll then be ready to use your route. You can export the route to a Wahoo or Garmin device to get turn-by-turn navigation instructions or choose Use Route on the Strava app which shows you the map as a breadcrumb trail with no vocal cues. 

How To Follow Someone On Strava

Following somebody on Strava allows you to subscribe to the activities of other athletes on the app. Once you’ve followed someone you can see their created routes, challenge progress, activities and other actions in your own activity feed. You can follow someone by accessing their profile page and choosing the Following button. On your own profile page, you can tap on your following count so your entire connections list is opened. You can then choose the Following icon beside the individual’s name.

How To Change Strava To Miles

You can change Strava’s distance settings to miles instead of kilometres on a Mac, PC, Apple Watch, Android device or iOS device.

On an iPhone, you just open the app and log in. Choose “Profile” then “Settings”. You can then tap on Units of Measurement to select miles.

On an Android device you open the app, chose your Profile tab and tap on Settings. Choose Display Option then Units of Measure then select your preferred option. Selecting “Imperial” will show your distances in miles.

On a Mac or desktop PC you visit the Strava website and log into your record. Choose Settings then Display Preferences and select Units and Measurements. From the drop down menu, choose miles.

On an Apple Watch, you visit your settings, scroll to and open a workout then scroll down to select unit of measurement and select miles. 

How To Link Garmin To Strava

Install both the Strava and Garmin Connect apps on your device then open the Garmin Connect app. Choose Menu then Settings then 3rd Party Apps. Select Strava in the list and choose Get Started. Next, you’ll log into Strava and your accounts will then be linked.

If your Garmin device is older and doesn’t sync with smartphones you can pair Garmin and Strava via your browser dashboards. Download Garmin Express so your device will sync with your Mac or PC and get a Garmin Connect account as well as a Strava account. Once you’ve done this, visit strava.com/upload/device and select Get Started under Garmin. Enter your login details for Garmin Connect and authorise your link to Strava.

What Does The Orange Arrow Mean On Strava?

The orange arrow means that a public figure’s profile is authentic. These accounts are verified by Strava so members of the community are able to easily find athletes they’re keen to follow and also so that athletes can connect on a unique platform with their followers without worrying about being misrepresented or impersonated. 

How To Connect Peloton To Strava

If you have a Peloton you can upload your activities from your Peloton automatically to Strava. Simply log into your Peloton account and select Profile then Social, then Strava, then Connected. Complete your Strava account email and password and accept the permissions. It’s then possible to change your preference for automatic sharing from the three dots menu on the home screen. 

Once a Peloton activity has been saved you can share it from tapping on Share in your workout summary or by tapping Account on your dashboard and choosing your activity in Workout History before tapping on the Share icon and selecting Strava. 

How To Remove Followers On Strava

It isn’t possible to remove your Strava followers from the app if you have an iOS device. If you have an iPhone you must use the Strava website from your phone’s browser. If you have an Android device, choose the profile of the person you wish to unfollow, tap on the icon of 3 dots and choose Remove from Followers. If you’re using the website, scroll down your profile page and choose Following then select Following Me from the dropdown box. Choose the gear icon by the athlete’s name and choose Remove Follower.

How To Do Strava Art

Strava Art is becoming increasingly popular. First, you need to decide on an image you want to create. Some people do this by looking at a map of the roads and seeing shapes in it. Others decide on an image they’d like to design, do a line drawing of it, overlay that drawing on the map then resize and relocate it until it fits. You can use imaging programs to overlay your line drawing on a map of your area. This makes it much easier to play with the location and size until you get a good match from your local roads and trails. Once you’ve done that, move onto using a mapping tool and create a GPX file to follow. Upload to your phone and use it to navigate using a bike handlebar mount. 

How To Cheat On Strava 

There are a few ways that people cheat on Strava. They can:

  • Miss out any steep hills. You can look fast by starting right at the top of a large hill, riding down it, riding about for a while then stopping your GPS computer before you return up the hill.
  • Truncating the ride. You can chop the slower sections from the beginning and end of your bike ride. This will allow you to avoid logging the warm up before you start putting the real effort in. 
  • Use the Digital EPO website. This allows you to upload a GPS file and choose how much faster you’d prefer to have ridden the distance. Click on Juice My Ride and you’ll get an updated file that can be uploaded to Strava. 
  • Drive to a flat area before starting logging your ride. This will allow you to avoid any steep hills slowing your ride. 
  • Putting your tracking device in a car or on a moped. 

How To Download GPX From Strava 

You can download and export route data from another athlete on Strava’s activity onto a Garmin device to use the course or map’s features. In activity pages you can see a GPX Download button which is at the activity map’s right hand top corner. Simply click on it and download the file to your PC. Plug your device into your PC, navigate to its drive and locate the folder which is labelled “Garmin”. Choose the subfolder labelled GPX or NewFiles. Drop the GPX file that you’ve downloaded into the folder and disconnect the Garmin safely. Once you’ve switch on the device, you’ll find the route is under your Courses menu. Not all athlete’s GPX files can be downloaded though. If their privacy controls have been set to the setting “Only You” you won’t be able to export it and if it’s visible only to Followers and you aren’t a follower, you can’t download the activity either.

How To Contact Someone On Strava

If you want to make contact with somebody on Strava you can use the comments section. A user can leave a comment on any post, activity, achievement, goal entry, race or challenge from their activity page or activity feed. Strava doesn’t have a private messenger option of its own but you can download a separate app called Velomsg which allows users to send and receive instant private messages with Strava friends. 

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