What Is Zwift?

Zwift is an online training program and cycling game which enables its users to train, ride and compete within an online virtual world. As an interactive racing and training platform, it has eight worlds and you’ll navigate the roads within each. If you wish, you can ride alone with a structured power-based workout, join with group races and rides, get drafts from other users, or simply jump in with other users whenever you like. Essentially, this gamified program encourages you to cycle harder and for longer to boost your fitness level. 

How Does Zwift Work?

Zwift works by taking your bike’s input, either from a smart trainer, speed/cadence sensor using Bluetooth or ANT+ or power meter, then uses its algorithm to translate that data into the speed your avatar uses on its virtual course. It will take your calculated power, road gradient, weight and even the potential draft from the other riders into account. Zwift can be used on an iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone, iPad, Mac or PC. It can also be used with Apple TV.

How To Use Zwift?

To use Zwift you need: 

  • A smart bike or bike
  • A set of rollers or trainer
  • A Bluetooth or ANT+ measurement tool such as a speed/cadence sensor, smart trainer or power meter 
  • A smartphone, tablet or PC with ANT+ or Bluetooth 

To get started, you first register for your account either on the Zwift website or app. Sign up for your subscription then pair your devices. Once that has been done, you simply select the world that you’d like to ride in between the following 8 option:

  • Watopia
  • Innsbruck
  • London
  • New York
  • Richmond
  • Yorkshire
  • France
  • Paris

There are several preset courses for each world or if you like, you can pedal freely about each map. Only 3 worlds are available each day, though, so bear that in mind.

How To Connect Zwift To Strava

You can connect Zwift to Strava by following these steps:

  • Create a Zwift account and log in.
  • Click on your profile.
  • Select Settings then connections before clicking on Connect to Strava.
  • Next, follow the pop-up prompts so Strava can be authorised. 

If your rides don’t upload automatically to Strava, it’s possible to do a manual update. You can do this on a PC by:

  • Navigating to Zwift.com/feed 
  • Clicking Just Me
  • Finding the missing activity
  • Viewing the activity page 
  • Clicking on Activity Settings
  • Downloading the correct activity file under the Fit File download
  • Open the page on Strava’s website, click on Choose Files then select the appropriate FIT file

If you want to do a manual update from your mobile device you need to:

  • Use your mobile browser to go to my.Zwift.com.
  • Log into your account.
  • Click on the download link beneath the activity you want to upload.
  • Follow onscreen prompts so the file can be saved to the cloud.
  • Open up a new tab in the browser.
  • Go to https://www.strava.com/upload/select. 
  • Tap on Choose File.
  • Select the cloud service where the file was saved.
  • Select the FIT file.

Zwift – What To Buy

To start using Zwift you need to buy some key pieces of equipment. You can go for either a budget, mid-range or luxury set up. 

For the cheapest possible setup, you’ll need a speed/cadence sensor and standard turbo trainer as well as your bike, and compatible device. 

Most cyclists will already have these items.

For a mid-range setup, you’ll need a wheel-on smart trainer as well as a turbo trainer table or phone/tablet stand, front wheel riser block and trainer-specific tyre. This will allow you to fully access Zwift’s features like gradients and simulated courses.

For a top-end setup you’ll need a direct-drive smart trainer and HDTV as well as a training-specific indoor fan. This will enable you to enjoy the best possible power accuracy, immersion and ride feel.

The ultimate luxury setup involves an indoor smart bike, a cinema screen and projector, which can be very costly, but will give you a truly impressive ride. 

If you’re interest in using Zwift for mountain biking you’ll need a direct-drive smart trainer, steering platform and compatible cassette or freehub. 

There are also some accessories you may want to invest in too including a towel, water bottle, wireless headphones, sweatband and training floor mat.

How To Get Tron Bike On Zwift

The Tron bike, also known as Zwift Concept Z1 is a really cool option in Zwift but it takes some effort to get it. You need to choose the Climb Mount Everest challenge, get to the top (8,850 metres) then carry on for another 41,150 metres! Once you’ve done this, you’ll unlock the Tron bike.

How Much Does Zwift Cost In The UK?

Zwift membership costs just £12.99 per month but you can enjoy a 7 day risk-free trial free of charge.

Zwift – What To Buy At Each Level

When you go through the different levels on Zwift you’ll be able to unlock more and more items in its Drop Shop. You can then buy them with Drops. There are lots of wheels and frames you can unlock at each level and here’s a complete list: 


  • Cannondale Caad12 frame (184,500 Drops)
  • Zwift Classic frame (35,600 Drops)


  • Ridley Helium frame (461,500 Drops)


  • ENVE SES 3.4 wheels (191,700 Drops) 
  • Specialized Allez frame (127,800 Drops)


  • Roval CLX64 wheels (170,400 Drops)
  • Specialized Roubaix frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Ruby frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Epic S-Works frame (675,900 Drops)
  • Specialized Ruby S-Works frame (745,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Roubaix frame S-Works (745,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Tarmac SL7 frame (674,500 Drops)  


  • DT Swiss ARC 62 wheels (184,600 Drops) 
  • Chapter2 Tere frame (390,500 Drops)
  • Zwift Aero frame (319,500 Drops)
  • Zwift Aero (left), Ribble Endurance (right)


  • Zwift 50mm Carbon wheels (120,700 Drops)
  • Ribble Endurance frame (390,500 Drops)
  • Zwift Steel frame (142,000 Drops)


  • Giant TCR Advanced SL frame (305,300 Drops)
  • CADEX 42 wheels (227,200 Drops)
  • Focus Izalco Max 2020 frame (426,000 Drops) 
  • Factor One frame (426,000 Drops) 


  • Mavic Cosmic Ultimate UST wheels (142,000 Drops)
  • Cannondale EVO frame (213,000 Drops)
  • Ridley Noah Fast 2019 frame (426,000 Drops) 
  • Canyon Aeroad 2021


  • Canyon Lux frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Canyon Inflite frame (234,300 Drops)
  • Specialized Shiv frame (710,000 Drops)
  • Canyon Ultimate frame (461,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Shiv S-Works frame (852,000 Drops)
  • Canyon Aeroad 2021 frame (568,000 Drops) 


  • Zipp 202 wheels (149,200 Drops)
  • Specialized Tarmac Pro frame (408,300 Drops) 


  • Cannondale Synapse frame (298,200 Drops)
  • Shimano C40 wheels (85,300 Drops)
  • Van Rysel EDR CF frame (326,600 Drops)


  • Zipp 808 wheels (177,600 Drops) 
  • Cervelo Aspero frame (426,000 Drops)
  • Cervelo S3D frame (468,600 Drops) 


  • Giant TCR Advanced SL Disc frame (745,500 Drops)
  • Specialized Allez Sprint frame (127,800 Drops) 


  • Zipp 404 wheels (149,200 Drops) 
  • Cervelo P5 frame (710,000 Drops) 
  • Bridgestone Anchor RS9s frame (511,200 Drops) 


  • Chapter2 Rere frame (355,000 Drops)
  • Mavic Cosmic CXR60c wheels (142,000 Drops)
  • Parlee ESX frame (603,500 Drops)


  • Scott Foil frame (781,000 Drops)
  • ENVE SES 2.2 wheels (191,700 Drops)
  • Scott Plasma frame (852,000 Drops) 
  • Colnago V3Rs frame (695,800 Drops)
  • Scott Spark RC frame (418,900 Drops)


  • Shimano C60 wheels (92,300 Drops)
  • Specialized Shiv Disc frame (994,000 Drops) 
  • Specialized Venge frame (461,500 Drops)


  • Canyon Ultimate CFR frame (639,000 Drops)
  • BMC SLR01 frame (376,200 Drops)
  • Zipp 353 NSW wheels (255,600 Drops) 


  • Bontrager Aeolus5 wheels (170,400 Drops)
  • Trek Madone frame (887,500 Drops) 


  • Canyon Speedmax frame (710,000 Drops)
  • CADEX 65 wheels (241,400 Drops)
  • BMC Roadmachine frame (780,900 Drops)


  • Giant SLR 0 wheels (191,800 Drops) 
  • Liv Langma Advanced SL frame (745,500 Drops)
  • Giant Propel Advanced SL Disc frame (816,500 Drops)


  • Canyon Grail frame (355,000 Drops)
  • Mavic Comete Pro Carbon SL UST wheels (142,000 Drops)


  • Zipp 454 wheels (284,000 Drops) 
  • Cervelo R5 frame (461,500 Drops)
  • BMC Timemachine01 frame (781,000 Drops)


  • Cervelo S5
  • ENVE SES 6.7 wheels (191,700 Drops) 
  • Cervelo S5 frame (603,500 Drops) 
  • Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc
  • Pinarello Bolide frame (923,000 Drops)


  • Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc TT frame (891,000 Drops) 
  • Trek Emonda SL frame (142,000 Drops)
  • CADEX 36 wheels (257,000 Drops)


  • Cervelo S5 2020 frame (852,000 Drops) 
  • Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 wheels (262,700 Drops) 
  • Cannondale System Six frame (497,000 Drops) 


  • Parlee RZ7 frame (511,200 Drops)
  • Shimano C50 wheels (88,700 Drops)
  • Cube Aerium frame (248,500 Drops)


  • Pinarello Dogma F12 frame (958,500 Drops)
  • Pinarello Dogma 65.1 frame (603,500 Drops)


  • ENVE SES 8.9 wheels (205,900 Drops) 
  • Specialized Amira S-Works frame (355,000 Drops) 
  • Specialized Amira frame (142,000 Drops)
  • Ventum One frame (482,800 Drops) 


  • Pinarello Dogma F frame (1,029,500 Drops)
  • Roval Alpinist CLX wheels (135,300 Drops)  
  • Cube Litening frame (177,500 Drops)


  • Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 wheels (248,500 Drops)
  • Scott Addict RC frame (852,000 Drops) 
  • Specialized Venge S-Works frame (798,800 Drops) 
  • S-Works Venge (left), Felt AR (right)


  • Specialized Aethos frame (923,000 Drops) 
  • Felt AR frame (639,000 Drops) 


  • Zipp 808/Super9 wheels (1,075,700 Drops)
  • Diamondback Andean frame (572,900 Drops)


  • Cannondale SuperSix EVO frame (816,500 Drops) 


  • ZIPP 858 (312,400 Drops) 
  • Felt IA frame (1,065,000 Drops) 


  • ENVE SES 7.8 wheels (205,900 Drops)
  • Pinarello Dogma F10 frame (710,000 Drops)


  • Zwift Buffalo Fahrrad frame (9,500 Drops)
  • Zwift Buffalo Fahrrad wheels (3,200 Drops)


  • DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT DISC wheels (1,579,800 Drops) 
  • Pinarello Bolide TT frame (1,065,000 Drops)


  • Zwift Safety wheels (710,000 Drops)
  • 858/Super 9 disc wheels
  • Zwift Safety frame (3,550,000 Drops)


  • ZIPP 858/Super9 wheels (1,508,800 Drops) 
  • Cervelo P5x frame (1,065,000 Drops) 

How To Set Up Zwift

To set up Zwift, you need to download it, create your own account then select the options that describe you best on the Tell Us About Yourself screen. Once the screen for Paired Devices has loaded, select Ride. You’ll then pair your power meter, speed/cadence sensor or trainer with Zwift. Then you’re good to go. 

How Do I Find My Zwift ID?

Simply visit Zwift.com/feed then login. Choose Just Me and pick your most recently executed activity. Select the gearwheel icon and select Download Fit File. At the bottom of the left hand corner you’ll spot this: 

https://s3-fit-prd-uswest2-zwift.s3.amazonaws.com/prod/<<Zwift ID>>/<<unique number>>.

The <<Zwift ID>> number is your Zwift ID.

How To Connect Garmin To Zwift

Unfortunately, Zwift doesn’t offer a seamless integration at the present with Garmin Connect however Zwift rides will be saved in .fit files on your PC which are industry standard. This means you can easily upload Zwift rides to your Garmin. Just login in via your web browser to Garmin Connect, visit the Activities page and select Import. Click on Choose File then find the appropriate .fit file for your ride. Click “upload activities from file” and you’re done.

What Is Zwift Academy?

The Zwift Academy is a form of training program which you can participate in with countless others from all over the world. It’s also a unique program for identifying talent! One man and one woman will earn their own professional cycling contract through Zwift Academy! 

In order to earn the complete in-game kit by graduating, you have to complete 4 group races or rides and 8 workouts. In order to be eligible to receive a pro-contract, 2 of your group events have to be races and 2 need to be group “segment format” rides. If you don’t complete the program, you’ll still receive goodies for your avatar in the game with each ride you finish.

How To Change A Zwift Avatar

When you progress through the game, you unlock features like bikes, jerseys, wheels, socks and helmets that you can use to customise your avatar. You can do this by clicking or tapping anywhere on the screen while riding to bring the menu button up. Choose the Customise icon. This will take you to a virtual locker where you can customise your appearance and bike. You can use the slider to change length or colour and the camera icon will enable you to view yourself from all angles. When you’ve customised your avatar, click on done and you’ll be back into your ride. If you want to change the bike or wheels, you need to be stationary. You’re able to change your avatar as frequently as you wish.

What Does UPG Mean On Zwift Power?

The category of Zwiftpower you have is worked out by averaging your 20-minute best w/kg over the last three races you’ve participated in over the past 90 days, multiplied by 95%. An UPG will occur if the average exceeds a category threshold as follows:

C – 2.5 w/kg & 150w FTP

B – 3.2 w/kg & 200w FTP

A – 4.0 w/kg & 250w FTP

A+ – 4.6 w/kg & 300w FTP

How To Watch Someone On Zwift

To watch somebody on Zwift, follow these steps:

  • Launch Zwift but don’t pair any devices (choose skip).
  • When you reach the screen to select a route, instead select the person you’d like to ride with.
  • Select Ride.
  • Zwift loads up and will put you behind the person you’ve selected.
  • Speedily, click their name from the list of riders.
  • Your avatar disappears but you’ll be watching your chosen rider.

How Does Zwift Calculate FTP

FTP or Functional Threshold Power is the number of watts that you’re able to maintain for an hour on Zwift. Zwift calculates your FTP when you take one of Zwift’s FTP tests. There are several different versions. The most basic (and most accurate) is to continue pedalling at as fast a speed as possible for an hour but obviously that isn’t easy, even for a pro cyclist. The 20 minute test is a little easier. It allows you to pace yourself and has an inbuilt warmup. There is also a Ramp Test which requires focus. Zwift will use the data collected during these tests to automatically update your FTP in the game. 

How Much Data Does Zwift Use?

Typically, Zwift will transfer around 55 MB/h or 16,000B/s. 

Zwift – How To Join An Event

Whether you want to join a race or group ride, Zwift has mass-start events to give you a fun experience from home. You’re able to join your chosen event up to quarter of an hour before it begins and if you’re already riding before the event you don’t need to worry about losing your progress when you join in, since all progress up to the point of joining is saved in a separate file.

Upcoming events are listed on the Zwift Companion app and website. Just register for your chosen event then join either through the app or the game. Once the time has come close to the event launch time, a popup will appear to tell you it’s time for you to join. You can then choose Let’s Go or you can allow it to auto-select so you automatically teleport to the start line. Alternatively, click on Join Event at the left bottom of the screen up to 30 minutes before the official start time. 

When you arrive at the course, you’ll be taken to the starting area and you can warm up or talk to fellow cyclists. When the countdown has hit 0:00 you can begin the ride, following the instructions from the leader.

Where Is My FTP Shown on Zwift?

You can find your FTP on Zwift in two ways. First, choose Menu while you’re in the game, choose the edit icon by your profile information then and you’ll find your FTP. You can also see your FTP in the workout picker. The FTP number is on the bottom-left of the screen.

How To Change Bike On Zwift

You can switch your bike easily in less than 20 seconds. All you need to do is stop pedalling and select A. This will bring the pairing screen up and will apply the brakes for your rider. When the rider has slowed to a halt, select OK. This will close down the pairing screen. Next, select “T”. This will bring the garage screen up. Choose the bike you want to use then begin pedalling and hit OK. This will take you back to the game. Alternatively, you can click Menu, access the garage and pairing screen from there. 

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