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Peak Cycling Club Kit Ordering Policy

Peak Cycling Club offers its members the opportunity to purchase club-branded cycling kit and apparel. This Kit Ordering Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for members to place orders for club kit and ensures a smooth and efficient process.

  1. Eligibility:

This policy applies to all active, paid members of Peak Cycling Club who are eligible to purchase club kit.

  1. Ordering Periods:

Kit ordering periods will be announced by the club committee and communicated to members. Ordering windows will typically occur at specific times throughout the year.

  1. Ordering Process:

Members interested in purchasing club kit must follow the instructions provided during the designated ordering period.
Orders can typically be placed through the club’s official website or through a designated online platform.

  1. Payment:

Members are responsible for the payment of their kit orders. Payment instructions, including accepted payment methods and deadlines, will be provided during the ordering process.

  1. Size Selection:

Members should carefully select their kit sizes based on the sizing guidelines provided by the club. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their size selection.

  1. Delivery and Collection:

Once the kit order has been processed and delivered to the club, members will be notified of the collection arrangements.
Members may be required to collect their kit from a designated club location or event, as communicated by the club committee.

  1. Kit Distribution:

Kit distribution will be organised by the club committee or designated individuals. Members are responsible for collecting their kit within the specified timeframe.
Kit distribution may be organised during club rides, events, or at other convenient times and locations.

  1. Returns and Exchanges:

Members are encouraged to carefully inspect their kit upon collection. Any defects or issues with the kit should be reported to the club committee within a reasonable timeframe.
Returns or exchanges may be facilitated for defective or incorrectly sized items, subject to the club’s return and exchange policy.

  1. Late Orders:

Late kit orders may not be accepted after the designated ordering period has closed, unless special arrangements are made and approved by the club committee.

  1. Payment Refunds:

Payments for kit orders are generally non-refundable once the ordering period has closed. Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis, and any refunds are subject to the club’s refund policy.

  1. Availability:

Kit availability is subject to stock levels and supplier lead times. Members are encouraged to order during the designated ordering periods to secure their desired kit items.

  1. Updates and Revisions:

Peak Cycling Club reserves the right to update or revise this Kit Ordering Policy as needed to adapt to changing circumstances, suppliers, or member needs.
By placing an order for club kit, members acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of this Kit Ordering Policy. Peak Cycling Club aims to provide its members with quality kit and a streamlined ordering process while maintaining transparency and accountability.

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