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Peak Cycling Club Ride Waiting Policy with RSVP Requirement

At Peak Cycling Club, we value punctuality and efficiency when it comes to our club rides. This Ride Waiting Policy outlines our guidelines for waiting times and introduces a new requirement for members to RSVP via our Strava page to mark their attendance. Effective immediately, no RSVP means no attendance.

1. Ride Waiting Time:

  • For all club rides, there is a maximum waiting time of 10 minutes after the scheduled ride start time.
  • The 10-minute waiting period is designed to accommodate unforeseen delays and ensure that the majority of members can begin the ride on time.

2. Punctuality Expectation:

  • All members participating in club rides are expected to arrive at the designated meeting point before or precisely at the scheduled ride start time.
  • It is essential to allow sufficient time for any necessary bike preparations, warm-ups, or pre-ride briefings to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride experience.

3. RSVP Requirement:

  • Members are now required to RSVP via our Strava page to mark their attendance for club rides.
  • RSVPing serves as an indicator of a member’s commitment to joining the ride and allows us to better plan for group sizes.

4. No RSVP, No Attendance:

  • Effective immediately, members who have not RSVPed for a club ride will not be considered as part of the ride group.
  • Latecomers who have not RSVPed will not be waited for, and they are responsible for catching up with the group.

5. Group Integrity:

  • To maintain group cohesion and ensure the safety of all participants, the ride leader and the group will not stop to wait for latecomers who have not RSVPed beyond the specified 10-minute window.
  • Latecomers are encouraged to ride at a brisk pace to catch up while adhering to all traffic rules and safety considerations.

6. Communication:

  • If a member anticipates being late for a club ride, they should communicate their estimated arrival time to the ride leader or the group via the club’s Strava page.
  • Ride leaders will make an effort to accommodate members who provide advance notice of their lateness.

7. Exceptions:

  • In rare cases where the group decides to extend the waiting time due to specific circumstances, this will be at the discretion of the ride leader and communicated to all participants.

8. Safety First:

  • While punctuality is essential, safety remains our top priority. If arriving late would require unsafe riding practices or violate traffic laws, members are encouraged to prioritize safety and catch up at the earliest safe opportunity.

9. Updates and Revisions:

  • Peak Cycling Club may update or revise this Ride Waiting Policy with RSVP Requirement as needed to ensure the smooth operation of our club rides and adapt to changing circumstances.

By participating in our club rides, members acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of this Ride Waiting Policy, including the RSVP requirement. Peak Cycling Club is committed to providing a safe, enjoyable, and punctual riding experience for all members.

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